Behold the Eyes

I am working on a personal project that I hope to publish one day.  I am doing macro shots of people’s eyes.  Right now I am working on myself and working my way through my family and photographing their eyes.  My edits will vary from very minor to more dramatic color enhancements to bring out each persons personality.

The first eye in the series is my eye, everyone tells me I have such amazing eyes with the way that I have a sunburst.  I decided to bring out the colors and really make the beauty of it pop.  My eyes are my favorite feature on me, and my favorite feature on other people.  you can tell so much about a person by their eyes, their eyes can give away how they are feeling no matter how hard they try.

Becky's Eye

Photo 52 week 3, triptych

I love flowers, they are what I love to photograph when I can shoot whatever I want.  I did some fun and simple edits to my flowers and put them together into a triptych for this week.  I have had these flowers sitting in my studio for a couple of weeks… I have been in a few times and shot them and since they were about to die I decided to use them one more time for this week.

I have been inspired lately again by Harold Davis, even though I shoot differently than he does… he finds great beauty in flowers in all different angles and styles.

I hope if you are in a cold area that you are warm and cozy this week and if you are somewhere warm… well send some of that warmth this way!

~Go, Do, Be Inspiredweek 3 Tryptic

Project Photo 52, Glitter, Sparkles, and Shine!

This past week for the photo 52 project we were concentrating on glitter, sparkles, and shine.  That does not mean we had to photograph something that was literally glittery, sparkly, and shiny… But really that is what I decided to photograph.  I took some of the glitter in my studio and put it on the bottom of a crystal glass and photographed it.  I used my 100mm Macro lens with extension tubes to really get in there close and get a shot.  I was not really jumping for joy over this image when I first created it and edited it, but the more I look at the image the more I like it.  I love glitter and I love sparkles and so do my kids and that is why I decided to photograph the glitter.  I hope that you all enjoy my image.  Tell me about how you are doing with your projects and resolutions so far this year.

~Go, Do, Be Inspired~week 2 sparkles

The Crazy Life!

So I will share a bit of personal insight into my life as of the last couple of months.  I finished another semester of College! YEAH! I happily had A’s in all of my classes and still maintain a 4.0!!

My 6 year old just graduated from Kindergarten, so now we are filling up our summer with fun activities and her favorite Dance! She has also been exploring Photography quite a bit more.  You can follow her at

Sweet shots by BB

I have been working very hard at restructuring my photography business, changing my website, building up my portfolio a bit more, and redoing my pricing.  This has been filling up a great deal of my personal free time and I admit I have been neglecting my blog.  I am working on this though!!


I have also been spending a bit more time working on some of my personal work outside of my business, and have started a new page on Facebook for sharing this work Tiny Flowers


I do have a few new blogs to start working on, and posting soon! Thank you all for being so patient and supportive while I work on all of these changes!! you are all amazing, and I would not be where I am without my faith in God and the support of my followers 🙂

God Bless and have a wonderful evening!

Take time for the “Little Things”

I started my photographic journey with Macro Photography, I have always loved finding things in nature that people would normally pass by and showing how beautiful they really are. I recently went out and photographed some dandelion puffs as they were everywhere in my back yard.  They are so delicate and can be gone with a simple breeze, and can remind us that life is delicate, and we never know when a breeze will take us home to God.  I submitted a few of these images to Shutterbug’s Facebook page, and to my excitement they chose my image to be the cover image for their Facebook page!! This is just such a blessing and just makes me smile so much! Praise be to God for this blessing, and a big thanks for all of my friends and family who have supported me!!   Remember life is not so busy that you cant take a minute to enjoy the blessings all around you! (The first image is the one on Shutterbugs FB page, the rest are from shooting that day)