Greetings, and Welcome to my site!  My name is Becky I am not only a professional photographer, but I am a Christian, mom of 3 wonderful children, wife, breastfeeding advocate, and Lover of Life!!  I am from Colorful Colorado!! Born in Boulder, and spent my younger years growing up just outside of Boulder with a beautiful view of the mountains.  I competed in Gymnastics, danced, and played in the mud all while carrying around a 35mm camera where ever I went.  I was known as the “Shutterbug” and when I finally decided to start college 3 years ago to get my degree in photography everyone said “It’s about time you turned your passion into your career!”  Now that you know more about me personally let’s take a look at what makes me tick photographically.

I offer a relaxed setting in my studio, and my sessions are fun, and suited to you and your newborn!  I work in a Personal, Simple, and Up-Lifting way.  Weather permitting we can also take the session outdoors to my acre of land.

I do New Life photography and specialize in Newborn Photography, what that means to you is that I spend extra time studying how to safely pose, photograph, and sooth your newborn, so that it can be the best experience for everyone.  Sometimes though a Newborn just does not want to cooperate and in those cases we will reschedule and re-shoot your session at no additional cost to you.

I want to create memorable pieces of Photography. Create the art that you will want to proudly hang on your walls from your session that you will be excited to see everyday, and that everyone entering your home will love.

Please see the other section tabs for more information about pricing and the different types of sessions.



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