A Very Long Month

So this past month and a half (ok, so it really started the last week of January) Has been full of family emergencies and lots of school, kids, holidays, Weddings, and Birthdays!! My mother fell very ill at the end of January, and we almost lost her, she is still ill, but making great strides in her recovery!! We had to make an emergency trip back to CO to be with her, and I am grateful to have been able to spend the 2 weeks with her and see her improve enough that I felt OK with coming back to NY.  I had to play a bit of catchup once we got back with school and little BB had to get caught back up too, but we did it!! YEAH!! Then we had Valentine’s day the day after we got back, ended up not really doing much, but hung out as a family.

in celebration of Valentine's day I was inspired to take this image

in celebration of Valentine’s day I was inspired to take this image

I have been very slow to catch up on my editing with everything going on, but the above image was my Valentine’s day image.  I used a dictionary on this image and just really love this image.

We have celebrated so many things this month, my wonderful man celebrated his birthday, and some of our friends were married yesterday on Pi day!

we are now on spring break and time for me to catch up on everything that has fallen by the wayside.

Reflections Photo-II-B&W_20150219_0087Photo-II-B&W_20150220_0038

These are a few of my favorite images that I have taken for my film photography class, I used 35mm film for the final images for class, and took a few digital images so that I could post them here for everyone to see!!

I am hoping that the next 7 weeks go by quickly, and that the weather warms up soon!! I am excited for the warmer weather and green grass, playing outside with the kids, and the sounds of the birds chirping!!!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful night, and that your days have been full of JOY!

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