Becoming a photographer

One of my dear friends shared this with me today, and I thought that I would share it.

“The real challenge of photography is in being unique. How many art students majored in photography? How many Flickr users are there? How many Americans go home after work and take macro photographs of ladybugs on the lawn?
Plagiarism in photography: not if, or how, but why?
It’s been voiced by Mike Johnston that photographers have two stages of development. In the first: you strive to emulate other photographers. The second: you strive to differentiate yourself from other photographers.”

Yes, I am an art student majoring in Photography, I did start by emulating beautiful photographers and have always been inspired by macro photography.  I now strive to do my own thing with my photography, I still shoot Macro (nothing wrong with macro, or any other area of photography) I have grown a great deal in every area of my photography.  I am far from being the best there is, and that is a good thing.  I have room to grow even more, keep learning, honing my skills, and finding new ways to keep my passion alive.    One day I will return to the business of Photography, but for now I am just enjoying the learning, Enjoying the freedom to work on the projects that I want to work on.

~Go, Do, Be InspiredTiny Flowers

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