Project Photo 52, Glitter, Sparkles, and Shine!

This past week for the photo 52 project we were concentrating on glitter, sparkles, and shine.  That does not mean we had to photograph something that was literally glittery, sparkly, and shiny… But really that is what I decided to photograph.  I took some of the glitter in my studio and put it on the bottom of a crystal glass and photographed it.  I used my 100mm Macro lens with extension tubes to really get in there close and get a shot.  I was not really jumping for joy over this image when I first created it and edited it, but the more I look at the image the more I like it.  I love glitter and I love sparkles and so do my kids and that is why I decided to photograph the glitter.  I hope that you all enjoy my image.  Tell me about how you are doing with your projects and resolutions so far this year.

~Go, Do, Be Inspired~week 2 sparkles

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