Photo 52, Week 1

So, since I am still pushing forward with school, and the business is mostly closed until 2016, I decided I had time this year to do a Photo 52 challenge 😀 This challenge is something anyone can do and is a lot of fun!!  I am part of a group of photographers doing it this year, and we create a new image each week based on a topic or concept.  Week one was “Self Portraits” So I put down some nice soft fuzzy fabric set up my camera and took a shot of myself.  I then did a bit of editing of it with the 3 Nails collection of editing tools and actions from Greater than Gatsby.  I am really looking forward to this next year and everything that it has to offer.  2 more semester of school and I am done… maybe… I might keep going and work on a degree for website design…

I hope that everyone has a wonderful and blessed year this year!!Project 52_Week 1

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