Bringing back the nail wrap

here is something fun to try before your next family photoshoot! save a little money doing your nails.

A BB, A Bear, and A Duck

So many many (I’m not going to give my age away) years ago, before professional photography, kids, the army, and new York….. I did hair and nails and I really loved doing nails 🙂 I’ve started seeing the nail wrap coming back to fix broken nails…., but how many of you know that there was also a more stylish way to do nail wraps besides just gluing a silk wrap to your nail??

Yep, more fun and much prettier!
First find a fabric that you like, scraps work well.


Cut it close to the size of your nails, then file your nails and shape them.


Next use a nail primer (this can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply) it helps clean oils off your nails so everything lasts longer. (My specific brand is a professional brand not found at Sally’s)


Next add glue to your nail


Press the fabric to…

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That “Copycat Photographer” ~ Central Texas Fine Arts Photographer

This has happened to me many times, I have now realized it’s just not worth being mad and I will HAPPILY tell whoever wants to know, how I created an image, what tools and props I used, and what PS work I did to an image. All you have to do is ask. 🙂 share and grow.
Go, Do, Be Inspired!

Malisa Phillips Photography

I’m sure we’ve all heard it and seen it in the photography industry. Dark tales of other photographer’s copying and stealing work. They say Imitation is the best form of flattery, and I’m sure to some it can be pretty annoying. But when does it actually come down to really copying…. or being inspired to do something unique and “out of the box”?

I’ve been doing this photography gig now for about 4 1/2 years. I have seen a lot of work that has inspired me and pushed me to be more creative. In fact, I have an entire folder on my desktop of images I keep for new ideas. And every week it changes. Once upon a time everyone known to man was doing selective coloring. You know when the whole picture was black & white except for a flower, or an eye?? Yea that was awesome. Now you see so…

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So after a great amount of thought, tears, and debate I have decided to close my doors for now.

  I will continue to blog, share photos that I take,  and I will never stop photographing what I love,  I just won’t be taking on clients for at least a year if not more. 


So time to celebrate new things to come!  And rejoice in what the Lord has given us!


Go, Do, Be Inspired!