Take time for the “Little Things”

I started my photographic journey with Macro Photography, I have always loved finding things in nature that people would normally pass by and showing how beautiful they really are. I recently went out and photographed some dandelion puffs as they were everywhere in my back yard.  They are so delicate and can be gone with a simple breeze, and can remind us that life is delicate, and we never know when a breeze will take us home to God.  I submitted a few of these images to Shutterbug’s Facebook page, and to my excitement they chose my image to be the cover image for their Facebook page!! This is just such a blessing and just makes me smile so much! Praise be to God for this blessing, and a big thanks for all of my friends and family who have supported me!!   Remember life is not so busy that you cant take a minute to enjoy the blessings all around you! (The first image is the one on Shutterbugs FB page, the rest are from shooting that day)

2 thoughts on “Take time for the “Little Things”

  1. These are such great shots for real! Ive always wanted to try macro but Im not a nature shooter! No wonder they are using them, so good! Keep it up girl!


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